17 de marzo del 2016 - 10:16

Dareed begins its final stage of development

Dareed platform is almost a reality. The consortium enters its final stage of work over a system aimed to reduce energy consumption in our neighborhoods and cities.

On 30 November 2016 the Dareed platform will be a fully finished reality. Meanwhile, the European partners involved in this project face one of the most important stages of their work in common, where the integration of tools, the results of the pilot tests and the experience of the final users of the system will play a decisive role.

Dareed 19 March Meeting in Brussels

The final phase of the project begins after a meeting organized on 10 March in Brussels with the technical evaluators of the European Commission to present the result of the work developed.

The meeting concluded with the adoption of the draft by the Commission and expressed congratulations for the work done on the adaptation of the project to the marked lines.

Dareed Project Consortium

The Dareed monitoring committee encourages partners to keep the current line of cooperation and conclude successfully an innovative and ambitious project like this.

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