23 de mayo del 2016 - 10:00

Dareed at EeB Impact Workshop in Brussels

Dareed Project was presented as a new business model for managing Energy Efficiency and Low Carbon activities in cities and districts during the Workshop on Impact of the Energy Efficient Buildings (EeB PPP), which took place in Brussels on 18th and 19th April 2016.

The workshop organized by the European Commision with the EeB PPP projects' representatives was an opportunity to present projects, share results, and to identify the ways to maximize the benefits of project clusters.

Estefanía de Osma from Isotrol, as the company leader of the project, focused her speech on the evolution of the platform and its value as a meeting point for citizens, policy makers and energy services providers. Three strategic roles involve in optimizing energy consumption in our cities.

Dareed presentation was introduced by describing the goals and the expected impact of the project at group level, and was concluded outlining the technical and non-technical issues and the possible synergies and benefits of clustering.

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