01 de junio del 2016 - 08:30

Dareed will participate in the Information Day of SINFONIA Project

Dareed comes as a guest on 10th June at the Information Day about intelligent urban development that will be organized by the Corporation of Municipal Enterprises of Seville (CEMS) with the collaboration of Emasesa and the European project SINFONIA.

The Information Day will be held in the headquarters of EMASESA in Seville and it will be a meeting point for European organizations in the field of Smart Cities, as Dareed Consortium is.

The event, which is primarily aimed to public authorities, public housing and energy providers will serve to Dareed Consortium to showcase the objectives and results of the Project. Specifically, Dareed participation will show all the benefits the platform offers to optimize energy consumption in neighborhoods and districts and how is successfully tested in cities like Seville.

Furhter information here.

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