25 de mayo del 2016 - 09:14

Dareed platform incorporates its latest test scenarios in Seville

Concludes integration into the European Dareed platform of the seven test scenarios specified in Seville, to incorporate technical inspections carried out on two buildings of the historical center. The results of these pilot tests, will measure the effectiveness of the system to improve energy efficiency in our cities and reduce CO2 emissions.

The Dareed project will result in a system to control and reduce energy consumption in our cities. The Project, which is in its final testing phase, has pilot projects in Cambridge (UK), Lizzanello (Italy) and Seville.

Specifically, the field tests in Seville will be held in seven different scenarios, of which are already integrated into Dareed platform, facilities of the Ciudades Deportivas de San Luis y Mendigorría, the headquarters of Envivesa and Emasesa and recently the Ciudad Deportiva La Fundición.


The last two buildings will join to theses integrations to the project designed to Sevilla, for being carried out the necessary technical inspections in a building of the 70 San Luis ST, where three homes for residential use will be monitored, and the Hotel Becquer.

Isotrol as Dareed project leader, has led the technical visits to both properties, which will end with the next installation of the measuring equipment required.


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