08 de noviembre del 2016 - 08:12

DAREED Workshop: ICT solutions for Smart Cities will take place in the facilities of Vodafone Smart Center.

DAREED workshop will be held on 23rd November in Vodafone Smart Center, Seville

The workshop will be focused on promoting new solutions for Smart Cities, presenting case-studies as well as tutorials and involving actively the main stakeholders to co-create energy efficient districts and cities. The workshop will host international Smart Cities leaders and researchers to coordinate efforts and exchange experiences.

The event will be held in Vodafone Smart Center, R & D facilities devoted to big data solutions research and promotion of connected cities. Vodafone Smart Center is the operation center of "Connected City Vodafone" ("Vodafone Ciudad Conectada"), Vodafone´s cloud solution that aims to improve productivity, efficiency, sustainability and innovation in administrations, enabling citizens with higher participation and providing them all the advantages derived from technology.

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