01 de diciembre del 2016 - 16:43

DAREED in expert discussions at SmartServiceWelt Conference in Berlin

Cleopa GmbH, a partner of the DAREED consortium, is also participating in the German SmartServiceWelt project. At the kickoff meeting on Nov. 25th in Berlin Detlef Olschewski from Cleopa discussed with other experts about smart services and platforms, as well as options for DAREED in this context.

The German SmartServiceWelt project has the objective to develop and standardise next generation services based on sensors, actuators and smart platforms. The project funding in the first phase is about 50M € for the 10 consortia. Cleopa GmbH is a partner in the SmartOrchestra consortium. Based on Fiware, the open source platform, the partners will develop and test new use-cases. On Nov. 25th was the national kickoff day for the project. Around 300 participants were updated about intentions and goals of the project.

Detlef Olschewski from Cleopa participated also and discussed with several experts the DAREED smart platform to support different groups of stakeholders in their decisions and activities. Some of the services are complementing to ideas from the other experts and it will be discussed in separate meetings how it will be possible to include the DAREED platform into other use-cases.

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