12 de diciembre del 2016 - 08:35

IAT reports DAREED progress for last year

IAT has published several articles at during the last year informing people about the progress and main events of DAREED project.

Last month of May, the following article was launched trying to get the attention of potential users of DAREED platform.



During the Demo and Validation Phase of DAREED project, a new article was released to invite people to actively participate in the validation of the platform. Also, with the same purpose IAT organised a workshop at its own premises during the month of October.





IAT was invited to make a speech about DAREED project in an International Congress in Mexico, devoted to smart solutions based on renewable energies. Last November, a publication was made at IAT site to this regard.



The last new being uploaded into, was about the fruitful Workshop organised by the project in Seville last 16th November "ICT for Smart Cities".


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