DAREED is framed within energy efficiency for Smart Cities of the Seventh EU Framework Programme. European Comission fosters projects focused in objectives of 2020 low carbon economy through the integration and validation of ICT technologies and services in neighbourhoods.

DAREED's goal is to reduce energy consumption in buildings by using ICT, anticipating savings of between 7% and 10%.

To achieve this will create a system capable of receiving information from various sources, analyze the energy consumption taking place, and provide information and advice to both citizens as utilities and public institutions, involving all stakeholders in the process of improving energy efficiency.

With this platform, the citizen becomes an active subject and decisiveness. He will meet his daily consumption curve -through mobile alerts, emails or other system- and the actions he can take to reduce it.

These tools will be used to help energy companies to define and validate their business strategies and pricing schemes, making them economically viable and, at the same time promote good practice in the use of energy.

Besides this, one of the key aspects are the innovative service business models as well as the involvement of stakeholders.

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